Terms & Conditions


Every website even every service has their own terms and conditions. As well as to use Themesideas you have to maintain some terms and conditions. So, some terms and conditions for you:

Copyright Issues

Already we confirmed to you that our site made the only provide content for you guys. So, we can say our main property is our contents. Without permission or without including our site link you don’t use our content anywhere. If anyone anytime copies our content and uses it anywhere without our permission or without our site link then we will be forced to go into legal action.

Others Conditions

To use our site definitely you have to maintain any kind of legal cyber act. You don’t push any kind of promotional link forcefully on our site. If you try to access our admin panel or anyhow hacking our site then definitely we’ll go to legal action. We have maintain our site and for that we need cost. That is why some times we can provide some ads.


We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to change these conditions at any moment. If you regular visitor to Themesideas and if you are a member of Themesideas then we’ll try to inform you after changing any kind of terms and conditions.


If you’ve any kind of information that will help us and if you’ve any kind of questions about our site please contact with us without any hesitation.