Privacy Policy

Themesideas Privacy Policy

Welcome to the privacy policy of Themesideas and thanks for navigating this page. To run any kind of site need to declare some policy to the visitors. As a content provider (WordPress-related) site we have to maintain some criteria and provide content with more informative information we need some help from you. Also, we need to know your experience with our site. To maintain this kind of criteria we need some privacy policy. That is why we created this page. Please read this page with more attention.

What Kind of Information We Collect From You

To serve you a much better experience we can do collect your little information (not sensitive data). Maybe, we can do store your name, email, and this kind of data but no worries it will happen just after subscribing to our newsletter. Sometimes, we can do see your cookies to analyze your experience and serve you to more valuable content. Also, we try to know your opinion in our comment. Our comment box always free for you to collect your valuable opinion. We try to serve more valuable WordPress-related articles considering your comment. So, please feel free to comment on each individual article. We store and provide more intension on your personal opinion after contact with us via the contact page.

What We Do With Your Data

As we told you our main target is give you to a much better experience with Themesideas. Your any kind of information is more valuable for us. That is why we store your little nonsensitive data more securely. No worries we don’t sell any kind of data to any third-party company. You guys already know that for our informative content you don’t have to pay us and as well as you should know that we just want to help you to provide WordPress-related information. Some reason for collect your data:

  1. Analyze your experience with Themesideas
  2. Sometimes, send an email to you with some valuable information (no worries we don’t spamming)
  3. Serve the best content to you
  4. Correction our mistake according to your opinion
  5. Inspire for your opinion and etc

Third-Party Details

Our specific target is to help you through provide some real information. So, we don’t sell your information to any third-party company. Generally, we don’t store your any kind of data but in the future we can do store your data (personal message, opinion via comment, etc) to improve our site and user experience but we have no any kind of tendency to sell your data to third party company. Themesideas always provide more security for your any kind of information

Way to Contact With Us

Always welcome to contact us with your opinion or any kind of information. We love to serve our content according to your opinion. If you’ve any suggestions to improve our site please contact with us or if you’ve any question so please feel free to click here to go to our contact page.